Master of Industrial Research

The Master of Industrial Research program is suitable for students who have completed a BSc in chemistry, chemical engineering or related fields and who seek to engage with industry. The research thesis will be preliminary carried out in industry in collaboration between industry partner and academic supervisor. The topic of the research thesis is an industry-relevant topic, which is developed together with the industry partner.

  • This program involves a minimum of 1.5 years full-time study, maximum 2 years
  • This program also comprises of between 18 - 24 units of credit (uoc) of coursework which includes a 6 uoc core course CHEM7001 Chemistry Health and Safety and up to 18 uoc of advanced coursework electives offered in the faculties of Science, Law and Business
  • Prerequisite: Bachelor degree in chemistry-related fields

Upon completion, the student is eligible to enrol in a PhD program.