The School's postgraduate research programs lead to respected qualifications and provide the opportunity to work and learn alongside researchers and educators of high standing. With our new research and teaching facilities, the School of Chemistry is well placed to support motivated research students from anywhere in the world. The research groups in the School have direct access to a large range of the most modern research equipment, including state-of-the-art surface analysis equipment, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, and analytical chemistry equipment.

Undertaking a research degree will give you the opportunity to learn how to do research in chemistry. When you undertake a research project in the School of Chemistry, you will join a research team and you will be able to take part in the many opportunities for learning provided by UNSW. A postgraduate research degree will teach you how to manage your own research program and how to problem solve on a large scale. These skills will be useful in many future careers, in industry as well as in academia. Our Ph.D. students move into jobs in industry (such as the biotechnology and plastics industries, environmental control and agriculture), in academic institutions both here and overseas, as well as with the government. A research degree is a wonderful opportunity to learn as well as contribute new ideas.

Postgraduate Research Programs

These are the postgraduate research programs available in the School of Chemistry:

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) will mean you will receive the highest level of training in key areas of scientific research over a minimum of 3 years full-time study.

Learn the fundamentals of research in an area of Chemistry and acquire skills in new chemical techniques. A Master by Research takes minimum 2 years of full-time research.

The Master of Industrial Research program is suitable for students who have completed a BSc in chemistry, chemical engineering or related fields and who seek to engage with industry for a minimum of 1.5 years study.

For details on applying for any of the above research programs, please visit the UNSW Research Gateway. For enquiries about higher degree research programs, please contact us at:

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