Medicinal Chemistry

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About research in the Medicinal Chemistry cluster:

The need for new therapeutics and drugs is greater than ever, with ever-growing levels of resistance to current antibiotics, high levels of toxicity of current anti-cancer agents and limited availability of anti-viral agents.  The dramatic advances in disease prevention have been driven by developments in medicinal chemistry.  Synthetic methodologies have become sufficiently sophisticated to allow the design and synthesis of completely new yet active structural types.  Specific programs include:

  • The design and understanding of bioactive molecules; heterocyclic chemistry for therapeutic compounds, exploration of DNA-drug interactions
  • Natural product chemistry; flavinones as dietary supplements, the mode of action of antifreeze proteins
  • Developing drug delivery vehicles aimed at pin-pointing activity
  • Synthesis of macrocycles that target protein-protein interactions including controlling the heat shock response in cells or inhibiting the ribosomal machinery both which induce apoptosis