Catalysis & Industry

Who we are:


About research in the Catalysis and Industry Cluster:

Catalysis plays a vital role in both industrial and natural processes. This grouping of researchers represents the School's mission to understand natural catalytic processes and apply them to industrial applications and the improve industrial catalytic processes so we can deliver more materials at lower energy and manufacturing cost.
Below are some examples of research in this cluster:

  • Energy generation: photo-sensitive materials allow us to capture energy directly from the solar spectrum; bio-mimicry of photocatalysis potentially provides a cheap and convenient alternative to current photovoltaic devices, effectible using water as a fuel source.  Meanwhile, transitioning from the use of fossil fuel reserves will continued use of heavily polluting technologies which will benefit from the development of carbon capture technologies.
  • Energy usage: the chemical industry consumes around 1/3 of global energy demand in the processes used to produce synthetic materials, agrochemicals and medication.  Around 90% of chemical processes involve the use of catalysts to enhance production efficiency and reduce energy use, thereby curtailing levels of greenhouse gas emissions.