Zhao Group - Positions

New positions in 2021!!!

PhD Scholarships - Apply now!

1. Conversion of CO2 to fuels with renewable electricity in flow cells

2. Electrocatalytic synthesis of ammonia using electrolytic hydrogen and atmospheric nitrogen

3. Low-cost electrocatalysts for robust water splitting

4. Electroatalysts for oxygen reduction reactions for hydrogen fuel cells

Postdoc positions - newly opened

A Postdoctoral position is open for developing electrocatalysts for water electrolysis. The position is responsible for designing, synthesis of non-precious metal or low-precious metal based catalysts for alkaline and/or proton exchange membrance water electrolysers, and also facilitating scaled up installations. Applicants with strong track record in chemistry, material science or chemical engineering are encouraged to contact Prof Chuan Zhao directly.

A Postdoctoral position is open on fuel cell engineering. The position is responsible for designing, prototyping, verification and validation testing of fuel cells using home-made catalysts and electrolytes, and also facilitating scaled up installations. Applicants with strong track record in fuel cells and chemical engineering are encouraged to contact Prof Chuan Zhao directly.


Postdoctoral positions

Funding is periodically available for postdoctoral researchers. If you have a strong track record and are interested in career and life experiences in Australia, please contact Prof Zhao early with a cover letter, a CV and a list of three referees. Fellowship applications to internal and external funding bodies from suitable candidates with a strong track record are particularly encouraged. Follow this link to learn more about fellowship opportunities at UNSW: http://research.unsw.edu.au/applying-funds.

Graduate students

We are currently looking for highly motivated, intelligent and team-playing students of exceptional research potential to do their PhD, Master or Honours Degrees in our group. You will need to apply to UNSW via the regular graduate admission process. All PhD candidates should have a completed M.Sc. or Honours degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials or related subjects with good results. Suitable candidates will need to apply to UNSW via the graduate admission process but are recommended to first send their CVs to Prof Zhao for consideration and discussion.

UNSW can assist your study by providing a wide range of prestigious scholarships.

  • For domestic students (Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident), UNSW currently offers PhD scholarships up to $35,000 per year to top B.Sc. Honours students.
  • International students can apply for a range of International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) available from the Graduate Research School. Students who are interested in our work and have strong academic performance and some research experience (several published papers will be counted favourably) are encouraged to apply.
  • Chinese students can also apply to us through scholarships from Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). Note that CSC candidates are also automatically considered for IPRS at UNSW so they would have doubled oppotunities. Our group also provides successful CSC candidates with a top up the scholarship to match the standard UNSW scholarship.

Undergraduate students

We welcome undergraduate researchers who are interested in what we are doing and wish to join our group, please contact Prof Zhao. The Faculty of Science and the School of Chemistry also offer research scholarships for outstanding undergraduate students during summer.