Zhao Group - People


Group Leader

Professor Chuan Zhao, FRACI CChem FRSC FRSN

Chair of Electrochemistry Division Royal Australian Chemical Institute
School of Chemistry, The University of New South Wales
Sydney, NSW, 2052, AUSTRALIA
Dalton Building F12, Level 1, room 127, Kensington Campus
Ph +61-2-9385 4645, Fax +61-2-9385 6141
Email: chuan.zhao@unsw.edu.au

Current Members 

Research fellows

Dr Xianjue Chen -- DECRA Fellow
Multidimensional carbon materials; two-dimensional materials
Dr Yibing Li - Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Water electrolysis; hydrogen energy
Dr Wenhao Ren - Postdoctoral Research Fellow
CO2 reduction; single atom chemistry
Dr Quentin Meyer - Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Hydrogen fuel cells; Metrology and designs; electrochemical cells
Dr Helena Yuan Wang - Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Water electrolysis; perovskite materials
Dr Yong Zhao - Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Electrocatalysis, CO2 reduction

Postgraduate Students

William Adamson  - PhD Student
Hydrogen fuel generation; water splitting 
Wanfeng Yang - PhD Student
Electrocatalysts; electrochemical CO2 reduction
Tim Fang - PhD Student
Water splitting; nano-structured electrodes
Kamran Dastafkan - PhD Student
Water splitting
Chen Jia - PhD Student
CO2 reduction reaction; carbon materials
Karin Ching - PhD Student
2-D membrane; water separation
Muhammad Ibrar Ahmed - PhD Student
Nanostructured materials; nitrogen reduction
Haocheng Guo - PhD Student
Hydrogen storage, batteries
Zhen Su - PhD student
Hydrogen storage, batteries
Tingwen Zhao - PhD student
Solar water Splitting
Shiyang Liu - PhD student
Single atom catalysis, fuel cells
Qian Sun - PhD student
CO2 reduction, energy conversion & storage
Chengli Rong - PhD student
Electrochemical energy storage and conversion, water splitting
Sicheng Wu - PhD student
Hydrogen storage, batteries
Shuhao Wang - PhD student
Electrocatalytic water splitting
Zhen Shi - MSc student
Electrochemical energy storage and conversion
Yang Xiao - MSc student
Electrochemical energy storage and conversion, water splitting


Xinyi Zhang
Electrochemical reduction of CO2
John Sharples
Electrochemical nitrogen fixation

Past Members

  • Dr Xunyu Lu - PhD student
  • Dr Alexander Weremfo - PhD student
  • Dr Asim Khan - PhD student
  • Dr Christian Gunawan - PhD student
  • Dr Bryan Suryanto - PhD student
  • Dr Majid Asnavandi - PhD Student
  • Dr Richard.gondosiswanto - PhD student
  • Dr Xin Bo - PhD student
  • Dr Mengchen Ge - PhD Student 
  • Dr Jingjing Duan - Postdoc
  • Mr Changlong Xiao - MSc student
  • Mr Thomas Kreuscher - Practicum Student
  • Alex Mason - Project student
  • James Balshaw - Project student
  • Hubert Chan - Honours Student
  • Sunny Wan - Honours Student
  • Clara Fang - Honours Student
  • Yehezkiel Henson - Honours Student
  • Wendy Dong - Honours Student
  • Bryan Tang - Honours Students
  • Prof Zhangang Han - Visiting Fellow
  • A/Prof Jianfeng Wang - Visiting Fellow
  • A/Prof Huiyun Xia - Visiting Fellow
  • Ms Sherry Hou - Visiting Fellow
  • A/Prof Zuchao Meng - Visiting Fellow
  • Prof Qingxiang Wang - Visiting Fellow
  • A/Prof Yongzhi Zhang - Visiting Fellow
  • A/Prof Minna Cao - Visiting Fellow
  • Dr Sheng Chen - VC fellow
  • Dr Yachao Zeng - Postdoc