Harper Group - Mechanistic and Physical Organic Chemistry

Welcome to the home page of the Harper group.  Consisting of around 10 people, the group has been pursuing a variety of physical organic projects at UNSW for more than ten years.  These studies include those on ionic liquid solvent effects, novel methods to follow reaction outcome, acidity of azolium salts and reactivity of aromatic systems, both planar and non-planar.  The Research page contains a history of these projects and where we are going with them now whilst the page on Group Members outlines who is in the group and what they are doing.  If any of this seems appealing to you, you should check out this page, which outlines how to join the group.  For any other queries, contact Assoc. Prof. Jason Harper.


The 'unofficial' group photo 2019 - from left to right, (back) Ben Smit-Colbran, Dan Morris, Harrison Rook, Matt Taylor, Andrew Hsieh; (front) Ron Haines, Alicia Evans, JBH, Alyssa Gilbert, Kenny Liu - for more photos see here.