Research Training and Safety

The School of Chemistry (SOC) Research Training and Safety program is intended to provide all new and existing members of the SOC with the opportunity to gain a sufficient understanding of the safety requirements within UNSW and the SOC, as well as training in a variety of lab skills that they may need during the course of their studies/work.

The program is comprised of modules that cover various aspects of work in the SOC. Modules will typically include a selection of relevant SWPs (which must be read and declared as read on SafeSys), and a quiz. You will have completed a module when you have read the SWPs, attended the hands-on training (if applicable), and passed the quiz with a satisfactory score.

The compulsory modules are intended to provide the training required for the UNSW Health and Safety HS006 (general induction) & HS049 (laboratory induction) forms.  The Research Lab Manager (Joshua Peterson) can assess whether or not you have read the relevant SWPs and passed the quizzes and pass that information on to your group Safety Officer to facilitate your induction.

The training program and website are currently being tested and feedback is welcome (please send feedback to Joshua Peterson).

The SOC Research Training and Safety website can be found at: