Employment Opportunities

Full-time positions

From time to time the School advertises full-time lectureships and other positions. Any currently available positions are listed below or on the UNSW Human Resources website. General enquiries about employment in the School should be directed to the Head of School.

[There are currently no full-time positions available.]

Part-time/Casual positions

The School employs casual demonstrators and tutors, principally in first year courses. Application rounds typically occur 2-3 times a year, closing a week or two before the start of each teaching term.

  • For more information regarding applications for laboratory demonstrating, contact our Undergraduate Administrator: Anne Ayres
  • If you are interested in tutorial teaching, please send your CV and resume to our Tutorial Coordinator: Dr Kim Lapere [We are currently not seeking any additional tutors.]

Salary rates for part-time/casual demonstrators are available on the UNSW Human Resources website. Note that there are different rates for demonstrators with and without doctoral qualifications.