Emeritus Prof. Michael Paddon-Row, FAA

Michael Paddon-Row


Michael Paddon-Row, FAA

B.Sc. Lond. 1963, Ph.D. ANU, 1967, CChem., ACS, FRACI, FRSC
Emeritus Scientia Professor
E-mail: m.paddonrow@unsw.edu.au


Born 1942. Research Associate, Princeton, 1967-1968. Honorary Research Fellow, ANU, 1974-1979. Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, UTS, 1974-1985. Visiting Professor, LSU, 1980. Visiting Professor, University of Pittsburgh, 1980 and 1984. Visiting Professor, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1984. Guest Professor, University of Amsterdam, 1989. Member, IUPAC Working Party on the Nomenclature of Pericyclic Reactions. Member, editorial advisory board of the Journal of Structural Chemistry. Scientia Professor, 1999. Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. Emeritus Scientia Professor 2003.


Physical Organic Chemistry. a) Dynamics of long-range electron and energy transfer processes. b) Photoelectron spectroscopy and Electron transmission spectroscopy of organic molecules.
Computational Chemistry. a) Ab initio molecular orbital theory of organic chemistry. b) Calculation of matrix elements for long-range electronic coupling. c) Calculation of transition structures for reactions. Molecular dynamics involving electronic transitions.
Synthetic Organic Chemistry. a) Synthesis of novel giant rigid bichromophoric and trichromophoric systems, eg, (1) and (2), for probing long-range electron transfer processes. b) Synthesis of novel alicyclic, heterocyclic, and aromatic molecules of theoretical interest.

two molecules of interest in electron transfer studies


  • H. G. Smith Medal of the Royal Australian Chemical Society in 1994.
  • Birch Medal of the Royal Australian Chemical Society in 1996.
  • Plenary Lecturer, 30th EUCHEM Stereochemistry Conference, Bürgenstock, May, 1995.
  • John van Geuns Lecture, University of Amsterdam, May 1995.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Lecturer, Australasia, 1998.
  • Paul Gassman Lecturer, University of Minnesota, 1998.
  • ARC Special Investigator Award, 1996 - 1999.


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