Location on Campus

The School of Chemistry occupies most of the Dalton building and has teaching and research laboratories on levels 1, 2, and 3 of the Chemical Sciences Building and levels 4 and 10 of the Chemical Sciences tower. Offices of academic staff and most students are on levels 1 and 2 of the Dalton building. The administrative offices of the School are located at the southern end of level 1 of the Dalton building (above JG's cafe) and all general enquiries should be directed there.

Buses to and from the city centre stop at the Anzac Parade entrance which is a pedestrian-only entrance to the campus. To get to the School of Chemistry from the Anzac Parade entrance walk straight ahead along the paved walkway (the University Mall) until you pass the Faculty of Law on your left. The Chemical Sciences building is the next building on your left and the Dalton building is building after that, again on your left. The closest vehicle access is through gate 2 on High Street. The Barker Street carpark (enter through Gate 14 on Barker Street) is the closest large carpark to the School.

(Above) Map showing location of the School of Chemistry on the Kensington campus. See pdf below for full resolution.