Zhao Group

Welcome to the NanoElectroChemistry Lab led by Professor Chuan Zhao

Chuan Zhao

Our research tackles electrochemical challenges in energy and biomedicine using nanotechnology and nanoelectrochemistry. Our areas of investigation include electrochemical energy conversion and storage, green chemistry, and electrochemical sensors. We are also interested in developing advanced scanning micro- and nano-probe electrochemistry techniques and discovering novel nanomaterials for these applications.

The research in the Zhao group, spread across 4 laboratories in the School of Chemistry, emphasizes both fundamental science and practical applications, is high impact and highly interdisciplinary. Our research combines analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and materials science and biomedical engineering.


Energy Storage and Conversion

Our mission is to develop advanced catalysts, electrolytes and electrochemical devices for clean and efficient electrochemical energy conversion and storage.

We aim to understand fundamental electrochemical (electron transfer) processes in biological systems and also apply this knowledge to prototyping electronic devices such as sensors and bionics.