Joe Brophy

B.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc. (UNSW), Dip. Ed. (Monash), FRACI, C. Chem.


Born 1943, Postdoctoral Fellow in Organic Chemistry, University of New Orleans, 1969-1970; Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Organic Chemistry, University of New South Wales, 1970-1971; Senior Tutor in Chemistry at Monash University, 1971-1976; Professional Officer, Organic Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Unit, UNSW, 1976-1990; Project Scientist, 1991-1994; Senior Project Scientist, 1994-2003; Honorary Visiting Fellow/Senior Visiting Fellow, 2003-present.
Member of the Standards Australia Committee on Essential Oils (CH/21); Member of the editorial board of Journal of Essential Oil Research.


Essential oils chemistry, particularly of the Australian Myrtaceae and Rutaceae and the more primitive families - the oil's relationship to the botany of the species. Insect chemistry; Natural product chemistry.


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