Academic Staff

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Lecturer and DECRA Fellow

Science and Engineering Building (SEB, E8) Room 702, +612 9385 5958,

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Associate Professor

Room 131, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4672,

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Science and Engineering Building (SEB), Office 719, +61-(0)2-9385-4574,

Albert is a Lecturer in the School of Chemistry.  He is interested in origins of life chemistry, including chemical evolution, reaction networks, prebiotic synthesis of RNA and peptides, and nonenzymatic RNA replication.

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Lecturer, Scientia Fellow and ARC DECRA Fellow

Room 721, Hilmer Building, +612 9385 7876,

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Professor / ARC Future Fellow

Room 217, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4653;

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Room 125 Dalton Building F12,


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Associate Professor, ARC Future Fellow and Scientia Fellow, School of Chemistry and School of Materials Science and Engineering

Room 740, Hilmer Building, +612 9385 6998,

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Director of the Electron Microscope Unit at the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre, UNSW

Electron Microscope Unit, Basement, Chemical Sciences Building (F10), +612 9385 4425,

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Room 123, Dalton Building, +612 9385 6435,

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National Health and Medical Research Councile ECR Fellow, School of Chemistry.
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Associate Professor / ARC Future Fellow

Room 222, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4673,
Research interests cover much of supramolecular and applied coordination chemistry, ranging from crystal engineering to molecular sensors, light-switchable molecular devices and machines.

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Lecturer and First-Year Academic Coordinator

Room 130, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4474,

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Associate Professor, Director of Teaching (School of Chemistry)

Room 223, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4692,
Mechanistic and Physical Organic Chemistry

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A/Prof and ARC Future Fellow

Room 226, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4656,

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Senior Lecturer and ARC Future Fellow

Novel synthetic methodologies in organic chemistry, organocatalysis and natural product synthesis.

Room 225 Dalton Building (F12),, +61-2-9385 6167.

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Professor, ARC Future Fellow, Nanoscience Program Coordinator

Room 127, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4645,

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Visiting Professor at University of California, Irvine (UCI); Editor for Bioorganic Chemistry (Elsevier)

I have moved! I am no longer at UNSW, I am now a Visiting Professor at UCI in Southern California.  I can be reached at the email and phone below.  I am also a Handling Editor for Bioorganic Chemistry (Elsevier).

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Nobel Laureate and Visiting Professor of Chemistry
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Scientia Professor and founding co-director of The Australian Centre for NanoMedicine
Room 743, Hilmer Building, E10, +612 9385 5384,
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Office 739, Hilmer Building,

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Senior Lecturer. Deputy Director of Teaching, School of Chemistry; Associate Dean (Academic Programs), Faculty of Science

Room 106, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4652,

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Room 132, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4678,

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Room 133, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4708,

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Associate Professor

Room 601, Science & Engineering Building (E8), +61 2 9065 9401,

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Associate Professor

Room 224, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4720,

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Room 741, Hilmer Building (E10), +612 9385 4478,

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Scientia Lecturer

Room 219, Dalton Building,
t: +61-2-93857375
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Senior Lecturer and DECRA Fellow

Computational chemistry and biomolecular simulations

Room 220, Dalton Building, +612 9385 6430, 

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Room 110, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4713,

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Room 718, Science and Engineering Building (SEB, E8),

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Associate Professor

Room 129, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4714,

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Room 125, Dalton Building,

Dr Chen's research focuses on advanced materials, particularly carbon-based materials through the development of new synthesis strategies and applications.

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Professor / Co-Director Centre for Advanced Macromolecular Design (CAMD)

Room 226, Chemical Sciences Building, +612 9385 4656,

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Room 113, Dalton Building, +612 9385 5236,

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Room 130, Dalton Building, +61 2  9385 6477,

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Professor and Dean of Graduate Research

Room 227, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4733 or 9385 9199,

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Conjoint Associate Professor
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Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Professor of Chemistry

Room F10 1009, Chemical Sciences Building, +612 9385 4416,

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Associate Professor

Room 225, Dalton Building, +612 9385 4737,'s picture
Scientia Lecturer

Room 720, Hilmer Building E10 (access via E8 SEB lvl 7), +612 9385 7928,

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Room 722, Hilmer Building (E10),, +61 2 9385 1958

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Lecturer, First Year laboratory coordinator and IT coordinator

Room 128, Dalton Building; +612 9385 4718;