Chemical Sciences (F10) Key Watcher

The Key Watcher unit to be placed in the Lower Ground corridor of the Chemical Sciences (F10) bulding will allow building occupants to obtain keys for the following areas without the need to borrow them from the Lower Campus Store Service Desk in SEB.

  • F10 Chemical Waste Store
  • F10 Gas Stores
  • F10 Cryogen (liquid nitrogen) Store


Instructions for Use

After being granted access to the Keywatcher (see requirements below), you will be issued with a PIN code.  Your swipe card and PIN code are required to open the Keywatcher.

PLEASE NOTE: It is critical that you return the key in the orientation that's shown in the 'Returning' instructions below. If the keys are returned upside down (which is possible) they can become stuck in place and a technician will be required to dislodge them.

To remove a key from the Keywatcher

Returning keys to the Keywatcher



Access Requirements

Access requirements for the Keywatcher are based on the specific keys required:

F10 Waste Store


F10 Gas Store


F10 Liquid Nitrogen Store


Access to the various Keywatcher keys can be requested using the Restricted Access Request Form on the Chem Local web page.