Jaggaer is UNSW's chemical inventory management system. The system:

  • Manages chemical and biological inventory in real time with the aid of barcode scanners in each lab.
  • Allows simultaneous material searching across all UNSW labs, internal stores, repositories and the catalogues of key external vendors.
  • Manages requisitions for chemicals and biological materials.
  • Manages requisitions for some consumables.
  • Hosts internal UNSW Stores catalogues and manages stores requisitions.
  • Provides comprehensive safety information, warnings and approvals.

Jaggaer is managed by UNSW Health & Safety and general information about Jaggaer, including user guides, can be found on the UNSW Health & Safety website

Requisitions generated in Jaggaer ERM do not go directly to the vendor, but are processed by authorised purchasing staff and submitted to the vendors as official UNSW purchase orders.  All users of Jaggaer ERM are bound by conditions of use and associated UNSW policies.


Jaggaer Modules

There are two modules comprising the Jaggaer system:

Researcher Module

This is the module most typically used by researchers in the School of Chemistry and is used for:

  • Making most common purchases of chemicals and consumables from the UNSW Stores and a collection of key external vendors.
  • Transferring chemicals to the proper storage locations when collecting them from the store.
  • Searching for chemicals in the labs, stores and key vendors’ catalogues.

Operations Module

This module is typically used when bulk transferring a large number of chemicals between locations, creating or editing containers, or more advance administrative tasks based on your access level.


Making Purchases from UNSW Stores

These purchases are made from the Jaggaer Researcher Module.  Jaggaer supports both of the main UNSW stores catalogues that are accessible to all users on campus:

  • School of Chemistry Store – catalogue items have the prefix LCS-xxx
  • Faculty of Science Store – catalogue items have the prefix UCS-xxxx

The Store supplies solvents, chemicals, gas cylinders, liquid nitrogen, dry ice, NMR solvents, silica gel, glassware, plastic ware, sample vials, lab coats, safety glasses, gloves, stationary, lab books, A4 paper, paper towel, batteries and lots more.  Please note that all decanted drum solvents (acetone, methanol, ethyl acetate) and liquid nitrogen are listed as consumables. [Hint: search ‘drum’, ‘liquid nitrogen’]

Requisitions are placed online via Jaggaer ERM and email notification is sent when goods are ready to collect (make sure your email address is correct!).

Items purchased from the Faculty of Science Store (Upper Campus Store) will either need to be collected from the Upper Campus Store, or they will be sent to the Chemistry Store via the weekly shuttle (typically delivered Monday morning).  You will receive email notification from the Chemistry Store when your Upper Campus items have been delivered by the shuttle.


Making Purchases from External Suppliers

These purchases are made from the Jaggaer Researcher Module.  There are two key methods for making purchases from external suppliers in Jaggaer:

Hosted Catalogues Purchases

In Jaggaer ERM there can be up to ten “Hosted Catalogues” from the leading suppliers and distributors in Australia. These catalogues provide pricing specific to UNSW and items can be selected and submitted as a requisition via the Shopping Cart. No further information is required to be provided with Hosted Catalogue requisitions.  For detailed instructions, see the Reference Guide for Hosted Catalogue Purchases on the Health & Safety website.

NB: Hosted Catalogue price files are uploaded periodically and are therefore not live. Some minor discrepancies between these price lists and the prices charged at the time of purchase are possible. It is possible that not all items from a particular vendor’s catalogue have been included in Hosted Catalogues.

Spot Buy Purchases

Items not available on Hosted Catalogues should be requisitioned using “Spot Buy” (or if special pricing has been obtained for a Hosted Catalogue item). For detailed instructions, see the Reference Guide for Spot Buy Purchasing Procedure on the Health & Safety website.

  • Make sure the compulsory (*) fields are completed. The system won’t allow requisitions to be submitted without this information.
  • CAS numbers and accurate Descriptions must be entered if available.
  • Use the “notes” field to provide additional information such as a quote number, shipping charges, web links to online catalogues, etc.
  • Use the “vendor notes” field to provide information of new vendors not available in the drop down list. Do not use the “New Vendor” button to create a new vendor.
  • Use the “notes” field to detail shipping or other freight, insurance, service or similar charges. Do not include these as requisition line items.

Note: No attachments are possible - official quotes and any additional information to facilitate a purchase should be sent with your Jaggaer ERM requisition number in a separate email to chemistry.purchasing@unsw.edu.au.

Note: The Chemistry Store receives and distributes orders placed with external suppliers. You will receive email notification when delivered items are ready to collect.


Access to Jaggaer

There is not yet a formal training program in place for Jaggaer. However, general information about Jaggaer, including user guides, can be found on the UNSW Health & Safety website.

To gain access to the system, you must send your zID (NOT password), UNSW email address, contact phone number, supervisor's name and lab location to Toby Jackson or Nancy Scoleri. Your supervisor will need to provide you will account codes that you may use for purchasing (if applicable) and you will need to discuss with your supervisor what restrictions may be in place for making purchases through Jaggaer.

A generic account exists for basic access (search only, no ability to transfer chemicals or raise requisitions). Due to limits on licences, Visitors and Summer Students will only be given access to this generic account.

  • User ID: zscichemuser
  • Password: Password5