Travel and Expense Reimbursement



MyTravel@UNSW is the UNSW Travel Program for all staff and students travelling on behalf of the University. Efficient integrated processes and systems help you from pre-planning through to reconciliation, and also supports UNSW duty of care.

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Key points to note:

  • You must submit an online Pre Trip Approval request (replaces TR1/TR5 forms) before booking
  • Bookings must be via ZENO online or the MyTravel@UNSW team
  • Complete the full procedure where required:
    -       Follow Travel & Business Expense policies
    -       Risk Form
    -       Travel Diary
    -       FBT obligation
    -       Ticket credit redemption
    -       Reconciliation (air/hotel now on central account).



Expense Reimbursement 

  • You may claim back any expenses you personally incur whilst carrying out university business*.

*Before making any purchases please check that your expenses are allowable within the bounds of the University Business Expense Procedure to remove the risk of expenses not being refunded.

  • An ER1 Expense Reimbursement Form must be completed and should include your UNSW staff / student details, item descriptions, prices, a valid project code, bank account details (students only) and a complete claimant declaration.
  • If applicable, you should consult with your supervisor / manager before you make a purchase and confirm that they are willing to reimburse you for any expenses. Your supervisor / manager will provide you with an appropriate fund and project code.

  • ER1 Forms should be completed and scanned together with all original receipts and/or invoices for each of the items you are seeking reimbursement for and sent to:
  • Although the use of private vehicles for university business is discouraged, if you must use your private vehicle you will need to complete an MV1 Approval to use Private Vehicle on University Business Form. If you wish to claim any expenses resulting from the use of a private vehicle, you must also complete an MV2 Private Vehicle Mileage Claim Form. Both forms should be returned to Toby Jackson, School Manager, Room 109 Dalton Building,
  • You will be notified via email when your claim has been processed and forwarded to accounts payable for payment.

Please note that any chemical or laboratory equipment purchases must be made by following the purchasing procedures outlined under “Chemicals’ in the School Manual. Reimbursements will NOT be authorised for any private purchases of chemicals or laboratory equipment. This is also applicable for consumables which require the completion of a risk assessment, e.g. heat guns and syringes / syringe tips.