School Vehicle

Please be aware that to the general public you represent UNSW. It is expected that you observe the road laws diligently and that you show courtesy to other road users and pedestrians at all times. The vehicle is fitted with an RTA Toll Tag. This allows you to use E Lanes on roads and bridges where tolls need to be paid.

To use the School Vehicle you must:

  • Have a full and valid drivers’ license accepted in the State of New South Wales. An electronic copy of your license must be lodged with the School Administration Office at prior to booking the School vehicle. The license cannot be provisional.
  • Be an approved full-time Academic or General Member of Staff of the School of Chemistry UNSW, or a Postgraduate student of the School of Chemistry with written pre-approval by their supervisor (an Academic member of staff of the School of Chemistry UNSW). The letter of approval must be lodged with the Head of School’s office.
  • Book the vehicle using the online booking system on the UNSW School of Chemistry Local Web page under 'School Vehicle -  book | look'
  • If booking the vehicle for journeys after 4pm or overnight, written authority from the Head of School or the Project Officer must be provided to the Store Officer prior to collection of keys and logbook.


  • Keys and logbook must be collected from the Store Officer in the School Store (room LG10) during business hours.
  • Key ring holds ignition key and LeasePlan card.


  • The logbook is to be collected from the Store Officer.
  • Each log sheet covers ONE week of vehicle use.
  • Ensure you have the right page. Check the date in the top right hand corner. Write the appropriate date if it is not there.
  • Fill out the details of your journey in the appropriate columns of the log sheet - Driver's Name (yours, not someone else's), Odometer Readings for Out (when you left), In (when you returned) and Total Journey Details (where you went) indicating specific purpose pertaining to school business. If you purchased fuel, add those details at the bottom of the page (see Fuel below).
  • If you use a vehicle for longer than one day, write your departure and return odometer readings on the correct days of the correct page(s).


  • School vehicles must be parked in the lower level of the underground parking of building B8 – University Terraces.
  • Vehicles may only be parked off campus overnight with written permission from the Head of School or Project Officer (copy to the Store Officer), and only if there is off-street parking available.


  • Ensure you only fill the vehicle with unleaded fuel.
  • LeasePlan cards can only be used at CALTEX fuel outlets and can only be used to purchase fuels.
  • When paying by LeasePlan card, give the odometer reading when you are asked for it because LeasePlan needs this information in order to calculate the cost per kilometer of running the vehicle.
  • After paying for fuel, fill out the details (liters purchased and docket number) in the appropriate space at the bottom of the log sheet and return the voucher to the Store Officer on completion of journey. On a long journey, it may be difficult to fit all the information in the space provided but please try to do so.
  • Never return a vehicle with less than a QUARTER of a tank of fuel. Offenders will automatically be banned from making a booking for the School Vehicle for 2 Weeks.  Their names will be forwarded to the HoS to be added to a list for any future disciplinary action, should it be required.


  • Ensure any vehicle you return is clean, inside and out.


  • If anything needs to be fixed while you are using the vehicle, consult the LeasePlan EASY Guide in the black pouch attached to the key.
  • Note any problems or accident damage of a less serious nature on the relevant page of the logbook and report them to the Store Officer at the first opportunity.


  • A LeasePlan Accident Management card detailing what to do in case of an accident is located in the vehicle's glove box.
  • Report the accident to your supervisor and the Store Officer immediately. Hazards and incidents should be reported via myUNSW.


** Any fines or penalties incurred for traffic infringements are the responsibility of the driver. The School will not be responsible for payment.

Booking the School Vehicle

The School Vehicle Booking System has areas where you have to supply information in the same manner as when a Meeting Room or Video Equipment is booked. The University requires that School Vehicles be used only on Official School / University purposes. With this in mind please read the information below that is required when making a booking for the use of the School’s Vehicle.

Brief Description

1.   Enter your NAME / Ext #

2.   Enter your DESTINATION.

For example information required would be; John Citizen Ext # 50000 Rockdale.

Full Description

1.   Enter your NAME / Ext #

2.   University approved purpose.

For example the minimum information required would be:

John Citizen Ext # 50000 delivering equipment to LAB SUPPLIES for repair.


1. Select time required between 8.00am and 4.00pm.

2. Bookings can be made for use after 4.00pm and/or for overnight, however prior authorisation needs to be obtained from HoS or Project Officer and forwarded to Vehicle Controller.

**NB: You must submit an electronic copy of your license by email to prior to booking the School Vehicle.

Booking system

Vehicle bookings can be viewed or made by following the approriate link on the SoC Local Web page under 'School vehicle':