Second Year Undergraduate Courses

Our Second Year courses build on the fundamentals covered in First Year. The courses are generally structured around the four pillars of chemistry: Physical, Analytical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

Depending on your program, you may have some flexibility in which Chemistry courses you choose. Have a look through each course listed below, and check with your program requirements to decide with is the most suitable course for you. Please visit the UNSW3+ pages for information on which courses run in each term and their prerequisites.

See below for links to course details and the course coordinator for each course. 

For all course outlines visit: [Course Outlines]

CHEM2011 - Physical Chemistry: Molecules, Energy and Change

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM2011
Course coordinator: Prof. Tim Schmidt & Dr Kim Lapere

CHEM2041 - Analytical Chemistry: Essential Methods

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM2041
Course coordinator: A/Prof W. Alex Donald

CHEM2921 - Food Chemistry

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM2921
Course coordinator: Dr Gavin Edwards

CHEM2021 - Organic Chemistry: Mechanisms and Biomolecules

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM2021
Course coordinator: Dr Vinh Nguyen

CHEM2031  - Inorganic Chemistry: The Elements

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM2031
Course coordinator: Dr Jon Beves

CHEM2999 - Special Project in Chemistry

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM2999
Course Coordinator: Dr Laura McKemmish and Dr Neeraj Sharma
For details, see Undergraduate Research Opportunities.

CHEM3901 - Environmental Toxicology

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM3901
Course coordinator: Dr Shannan Maisey

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