Honours Research

We are open for honours research projects now. We are actively looking for students who wish to start in Term 1 2021.

What is Research?

  • It can be in any field
  • It involves making or discovering something new
  • It involves making independent decisions

What activities will you do while being involved in Research?

  • Analysis of scientific papers
  • Presentations of your research and the research of others
  • Development of a hypothesis
  • Running complex experiments that evaluate if a hypothesis is correct
  • Analysis of sometimes ambiguous data
  • Determine the next step and a new hypothesis

What do you learn from doing Research?

  • Think critically about complex problems
  • Independence
  • Analyze multifaceted situations
  • Overcome fear of difficult situations
  • Become comfortable learning new concepts
  • Develop logical solutions
  • Work as a team solving challenging problems

The honours year

You can start in ANY term.

2021 Honours Projects

2020 Nanoscience Honours Projects

Thesis guidelines and grading

For students in the Nanoscience program:

For students in the Medicinal Chemistry program:

Indicative timelines for assessment tasks (as applicable):

For more information please contact:

Honours coordinator - Associate Professor Neeraj Sharma via neeraj.sharma@unsw.edu.au