Head of Chemistry Prof Scott Kable has just had a paper published in the world-renowned Science journal

Posted 7 August 2020

The School of Chemistry congratulates Professor Scott Kable and members of his UNSW research group Dr Mitchell Quinn and Dr Klaas Nauta, along with co-authors from the University of Sydney, Emory University and Cornell University on this significant achievement.

Professor Kable, an atmospheric scientist, likens the study to lifting the hood on roaming reactions and seeing for the first time how the parts fit together. He says the study will give scientists new tools to understand the machinations of reactions in the atmosphere.

The paper, titled “Rotational resonances in the H2CO roaming reaction are revealed by detailed correlations” is published online by the journal Science and can be accessed here.

You can watch Professor Kable explain the discovery and its significance in this short video.

Please also see the UNSW Newsroom for further details.