Scientia Professor Martina Stenzel has been awarded an Australian Laureate Fellowship from the Australian Research Council (ARC)

Posted 21 July 2020

The School of Chemistry congratulates Martina. Professor Stenzel will receive $3,372,617 to develop a toolset that allows the design of very small nanoparticles that display enhanced biological activity. The project will provide an in-depth understanding of the relationship between the underpinning polymer structure and nanoparticle properties, which is not only important for nanomedicine, but areas such as catalysis and sensors.  

“The administration of therapeutic drugs is often unsuccessful as the drug is quickly cleared from the body,” said Professor Stenzel. “Nanoparticles have been shown to enhance the efficiency of the drug administration, as evidenced by the increasing number of nanoformulations on the market, although commercially available products currently have a range of shortcomings, some of them related to their size.”

Professor Stenzel will use her Laureate fellowship to strengthen her existing collaboration with researchers from medicine and to establish a larger network in the field of nanomedicine.