Vale Dr Sergio Dilli

Posted 1 June 2020

With over 20 years teaching and researching analytical chemistry at UNSW, Dr Sergio Dilli inspired a generation of scientists with his lifetime love of learning. 

Dr Dilli spent his most of his professional life at the UNSW School of Chemistry.  He received his PhD in 1966 at UNSW in analytical chemistry and continued to teach at here until his retirement in the late ‘80s.

With over 70 research publications, Dr Dilli’s research and teaching focused on analytical chemistry a field that assesses the chemical structure and nature of substances and is used in areas like toxicology, pharmaceuticals and forensics. He was the resident expert in gas chromatography in the then Department of Analytical Chemistry, and he was particularly fond of applying this technique to the separation of metal chelates.  He was well-known internationally for this research. 

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