Outstanding Young Organic Chemist

Posted 18 August 2016

Vinh Nguyen has been awarded the 2016 Athel Beckwith Lectureship from the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, Organic Chemistry Division.

This award – announced 16 August, 2016 – is in recognition of Vinh’s pioneering research in the development of new organocatalytic reaction methodology using aromatic cations and N-heterocyclic olefins.

Vinh joined UNSW Chemistry as a Lecturer and ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award Fellow in 2015. His research focuses on organocatalysis, aromatic cation activation, the synthesis of naturally occurring and bioactive compounds, and medicinal chemistry.

The Athel Beckwith Lectureships are awarded annually to outstanding organic chemists who have been appointed within the last five years. To increase their recognition and exposure nationally, the Lectureship provides funding for early career chemists to present their research at universities and research centres throughout Australia. In the next 12 months, Vinh will be speaking in at least six capital cities.

Travel funding for the Athel Beckwith Lectureships has been provided by the John Morris Group.

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