Paper-based sun sensor gathering media interest

Posted 23 June 2016

Researchers from the Gooding lab have created a paper-based wearable senor that monitors sun exposure.

“You see the colour change, you know it’s time to get out of the sun,” Professor Justin Gooding explains to David Taylor from ABC radio.

PhD student, Parisa Sowti Khiabani showed Channel 7 news that the sensor is simply printed with an ink jet printer, using food dye and the active ingredient in many sun creams, titanium dioxide.

UV causes titanium dioxide to degrade and fade the dye, and the rate of fading can be adjusted for different skin tones, or use of sunscreens.

“This technology has some real potential for those people who do spend a lot of time outdoors” says Sanchia Aranda from The Cancer Council of Australia.

Development of this paper-based sun sensor was reported in the journal, ACS Sensors.

So far, it has caught the attention of news outlets nationally, as well as international (The Economist, Los Angeles ABC news).


Team: Parisa S. Khiabani, Alexander H. Soeriyadi, Peter J. Reece and J. Justin Gooding