Emerging Investigator recognition for Alex Donald

Posted 27 June 2016

In a special Emerging Investigators issue just released, The Analyst highlighted the work of Alex Donald, and other early stage scientists making an impact in analytical sciences.

Donald's research featured in this dedicated themed issue was originally published in March this year describing "sensitive, rapid, and direct detection of chemical-warfare agent simulants in urine by solid-phase microextraction low temperature plasma ionisation mass spectrometry."

The Donald Research Group develops and applies instrumentation, methods, and theory in mass spectrometry to fundamental problems in chemistry and biochemistry. Dr Donald is also the Postgraduate Coordinator (Admissions & Scholarships) for UNSW School of Chemistry.

The entire themed issue of The Analyst was dedicated to the contributions made by 45 selected Emerging Investigators from academia, industry and government organisations internationally.  

The Analyst publishes analytical and bioanalytical research that reports premier fundamental discoveries and inventions, and the applications of those discoveries, unconfined by traditional discipline barriers.”

Read Alex Donald's original paper here.