Ming (Megan) Zeng

What is your current position, and what do you do?
I am currently working as a Medical Writer at Pfizer CRDC (China Research and Development Center). My job involves drafting ICH (International Council for Harmonisation) compliant regulatory clinical trial documents.

What made you decide not to pursue/to leave research?
I wanted to explore the scientific world outside of research, to broaden my experience and horizons.

How did you transition into this current role from a science degree?
My first job was a sales account manager with Merck Millipore, that gave me an opportunity to learn more about the commercial aspects of science.

How have you used the skills/knowledge that you acquired, from studying chemistry, in your current role?
Chemistry plays a big part of my current role as it helps me to understand how and why a drug candidate works in the human body.

What has been your biggest challenge, career-wise?
The challenge was relocating back to China to pursue my current job as there weren’t many clinical research opportunities in Australia.

What achievement are you most proud of?
I am proud of being able settle well into my current job and being able to act as an English trainer for a cross-functional English training project.

What are your interests outside of work?
Playing guitar, swimming and painting.

What advice would you give to students starting their science careers?
Follow your heart and be brave when making decisions.

What helps you achieve a work-life balance?
Understanding that having time to relax helps me concentrate better at work.

Is there anything you would like to share?
It's probably not easy to find your dream job after graduation, but it's important to have fewer boundaries, and try out jobs that might not be your first choice. Having the proactive attitude will help you go further.

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