Honours Research

Why do an Honours year?

Is Honours worth the extra year? For many students the answer is certainly "YES!".

A good Honours graduate is more likely to be receive a job in industry and in the public sector compared to a student with a pass degree. The added maturity and independence gained from the extra year of study can be invaluable. Also, as part of the Honours year, you gain experience in project management and formal reporting.

If you are thinking about postgraduate study (a Ph.D. or M.Sc. degree), then an Honours degree is essential.

Honours research gives you hands-on experience in tackling your own project under the guidance one of our academic staff. You will have the opportunity to develop independence and time-management skills, and you get the satisfaction of completing your own unique piece of research.

Finally, the Honours year allows you to work closely with all of the staff and students in the School, and allows you to see the behind-the-scenes operation and human side of a large professional organisation.


We are open for honours research projects now. We are actively looking for students who wish to start in 2021. 


Why should I do Honours in Chemistry at the University of New South Wales?

Our staff in the School of Chemistry carry out leading edge research across all areas of contemporary chemistry. Our research includes structural chemistry, advanced materials research, catalysis, interfacial chemistry, and biological applications, encompassing many aspects of synthesis and analysis. 

Your Honours degree will not only allow you to carry out a research project in collaboration with one of the members of staff in the School, but it will also give you access to some of the best research facilities and instrumentation in Australia. Honours at UNSW enables you to blend research and coursework in a professional yet friendly environment. As a participant in the Honours Programme, you will experience the perfect rounding out of your undergraduate degree.

Students who have completed pass degree requirements at a University other than UNSW, or who have already graduated with a pass degree from UNSW or elsewhere, may be eligible to undertake an Honours year in the School of Chemistry.

What is Research?  

  • It can be in any field
  • It involves making or discovering something new
  • It involves making independent decisions

What activities will you do while being involved in Research?

  • Analysis of scientific papers
  • Presentations of your research and the research of others
  • Development of a hypothesis
  • Running complex experiments that evaluate if a hypothesis is correct
  • Analysis of sometimes ambiguous data
  • Determine the next step to investigate and a new hypothesis

 What do you gain from doing Research?

  • Critical thinking regarding complex problems
  • Independence
  • Analysis of multifaceted situations
  • How to develop logical solutions
  • How to overcome fear of difficult situations
  • To be comfortable learning new concepts
  • To work as a team solving challenging problems
In summary, learning how to do research will develop skills that you will use for the rest of your life!  
Come join us.....
For more information please contact:
Honours coordinator -  Associate Professor Neeraj Sharma on neeraj.sharma@unsw.edu.au