Undergraduate Degrees and Programs

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Chemistry is a central science. If you have an inquiring, analytical mind and good powers of observation, then Chemistry is the perfect dicipline for you. These skills are developed during our degree programs, and make our Chemistry graduates sought after in areas of management, law and finance, as well as research and development, manufacturing and processing, and chemical analysis laboratory positions. A science degree with a major in Chemistry will open up a wealth of career opportunities for you.

Studying Chemistry at UNSW

Students interested in studying for a degree in Chemistry have a number of options:

  • General degrees

    In these two programs, students study chemistry in conjunction with other Science courses. Completing a major in chemistry can lead to entry into honours in Chemistry, which is ideal for those wishing to enter a chemistry-related profession. For more information please consult our degree portal entries for the Bachelor of Science and Advanced Science programs or our FAQ.

  • Specialist degrees

    There are a number of specialist degrees which may appeal to students with an interest in chemistry.

    • Medicinal Chemistry (Honours)

      This is a professionally oriented, interdisciplinary program taught jointly between the School of Chemistry and the School of Medical Sciences. A four year program, this leads to an honours degree involving a research year including a medicinal chemistry oriented research project. For more information see the handbook entry for this program, or this overview of the program.

Descriptions of the chemistry courses offered both to chemistry majors and to students from other degree programs are available on this site. Undergraduate scholarships are offered by the University and by the School of Chemistry.

Current and prospective students (including transfer students from other programs or institutions) can obtain individual advice from our Student Support Manager, Room 104, Dalton building; Tel. (02) 9385 4666, Fax. (02) 9385 6141, e-mail: chemistry@unsw.edu.au.