Bakul Gupta

I’m a final year Ph.D. student finishing my research in Nanomedicine from the School of Chemistry and the Australian Centre for NanoMedicne. I’ve always been passionate about studying science right from my school days so never really considered studying anything else. I came to UNSW in February 2006 as an undergraduate student to study Nanotech. Nano as a degree is highly multi-disciplinary as it combines all the fields of science- biology, chemistry and physics. I firmly believe that combining knowledge from different disciplines is highly exciting and offers great potential in terms of scientific development. This is why I chose to undertake this program here at UNSW.
I’ve always been inclined towards the medicine and/or the "bionano" aspect of this program. That’s why my research is about developing microsensors towards early detection of eye infections. Studying at UNSW has given me an opportunity to work with an eminent faculty and contribute to the world of medicine because I believe medicine along with nanotechnology can serve to improve the quality of life and lead to a new era of health and longevity of mankind.