Why Study Chemistry at UNSW?

You'll be studying Chemistry at one of Australia's finest universities, being taught by award-winning lecturers and demonstrators, in clean, modern, slick labs. It's a hard-to-beat experience.

Your learning will be spread across tutorials, lectures, hands-on experiments in our teaching labs, as well as online content. Assignments are a mix of group-work and solo projects - with both styles challenging you in different ways.  At all times your academics and tutors are available to help you, in person or by email. As university students you are encouraged to make full use of all resources made available to you, both within the School as well as on campus (such as the library).

The Students of Chemistry Society (or 'SOCS' for short) organise many social events open to undergraduate and postgraduate students, staff and anyone on campus with an interest in Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry or Nanotechnology. SOCS is supported by ARC, the UNSW student organisation. Events you can look forward to include: pub crawls, trivia nights, the annual ChemBall, movie nights and BBQs. SOCS are also responsible for rental of the highly-prized lockers.

The confidence you gain through your years of study and personal maturation will open doors to you on the local and international job market. Chemists do not necessarily work in labs - your savvy skills will be highly transferrable and will suit many industries from finance to politics, food manufacturing to smart packaging, and everything in between. It's possible (and advisable) to use your personal interests as a basis for your choice of career.

So read on, the links on the right explore the reasons for studying Chemistry at UNSW in more depth.