Timothy Sanderson


My name is Tim Sanderson and I’m a first year nanotechnology student. The main reason that I chose nanotechnology is because I believe it to be the industry of the future where the greatest number of discoveries and breakthroughs will come from and our lack of understanding and the mystery of the universe at such a small scale is what makes it so thrilling for me.

I chose nanotechnology at UNSW because of the breadth of knowledge studied within the course and the opportunities to take part in the great number of research projects at UNSW currently expanding this frontier. This alongside the amazing reputation of UNSW for science and engineering really made the decision simple for me with very few other universities in Australia even offering such a dedicated course to nanotechnology.

The course itself has been amazing in the fact that we are introduced slowly to every discipline of science and then given a choice about which to specialise in once we have a grasp on the basic concepts. For me chemistry and physics is where the potential lies for society wide development and progression and my aim is to use my degree to help humanity step into space as a civilisation, crossing that barrier and shooting us towards the stars. Nanotechnology has such tremendous prospects for the future and I want to be there, on the forefront of human understanding and engineering.