Michelle Cheung

(Medicinal Chemistry, Hons 2015)

At the end of 2011, I decided to put Medicinal Chemistry as my first preference of undergraduate study. In 2012, I started this 4-year journey, dreaming to become one of the successful scientists that gets involved in developing new drugs.

During this course, I gained knowledge and laboratory techniques in chemistry and pharmacology. This course also gave me enough freedom to do electives that I was interested in, so I did quite a few molecular biology related subjects.

Honours year is an unforgettable year; it was very challenging and intense but also enjoyable and fulfilling. My honours project involved developing new cancer cell lines through genetic modification and used it on testing new molecules. I got to use the knowledge and skills that I learned in the past 3 years, but also learning new skills and techniques from my supervisor A/Prof. Shelli McAlpine and her group members at the same time. 

After finishing this course, I decided to continue my studies in Melbourne. I am currently studying clinical embryology, even though it is a completely different area to medicinal chemistry, the knowledge and skills that I learned in the past 4 years have fully prepared me to continue my path.