Elysha Taylor

(Medicinal Chemistry, Honours Year)

During high school I always really enjoyed science. Towards my senior years, having taken biology and chemistry, I knew that this was the area of study I wanted to pursue after graduating. I looked at a few different courses but BMedChem caught my eye. UNSW was the only university to offer an undergraduate course specifically in this field. I had a bit of a chat with my chemistry teacher and we both agreed that this program was a perfect combination of biology and chemistry. We thought it a bit of a risk as I would be part of the first cohort through this program, but since beginning in 2010, I have never looked back.

The courses are tailored perfectly to address the programs overall aim, to develop an understanding of concepts and applications of the drug development process, through a focus on pharmacology and organic chemistry. The willingness and helpfulness of all the academics, tutors and lab demonstrators has always astounded me. A/Prof Jonathan Morris supervised me for my honours project, which was in the field of organic synthetic chemistry. What I have enjoyed most about this program is the large amount of lab classes on offer. The lab really puts into perspective the theory learnt in lectures. I hope to next year commence a PhD, again under A/Prof Jonathan Morris’ supervision.