Undergraduate Degrees and Programs

We currently run three programs through our School:

Each program has a different set of requirements the you will need to meet before you graduate. Please consult the UNSW Handbook using the links above for specific details on your program, or see the Future Students page for general information.

Current and prospective students (including transfer students from other programs or institutions) can obtain individual advice from the Chemistry Student Centre, Room 105, Dalton building; Tel. (02) 9385 4666, Fax. (02) 9385 6141, e-mail: chemistry@unsw.edu.au.

If you are studying a combined degree, you may have different requirements than those listed in the above links. For more information, please contact your the Faculty in charge of your program (Program Authority). To determine your Program Authority, visit the UNSW Handbook website, find your program, and identify the faculty it is listed under.

For general enquiries:

For all current student enquiries please contact the Science Student Centre at either of the following student help links or via phone:

Phone: +61 2 9385 6125

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