Honours (Fourth Year) Undergraduate Courses

As a Chemistry honours student, we provide a combination of research and theory in the program.

The theory-based courses, detailed here, are specifically designed to compliment your present and future research goals.

Chemistry Honours CHEM45XX

Prerequisites: Three years of Advanced Science (Chemistry or Medical Chemistry programs) or Science (Major in Chemistry with a credit average, >65, and 18 UOC level III chemistry courses). Admission to Honours typically requires confirmation from the Honours coordinator or the Head of School.


This course encompasses attendance of School of Chemistry Research Seminars on typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12pm throughout the Honours year. In addition, research skills modules are presented by the Honours coordinator and online components need to be completed.

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM4501


The course covers some of the most important and recent advances in chemistry with emphasis on advanced concepts that are particularly relevant to the current research strengths within the School of Chemistry. These advanced concepts will be reviewed from both theoretical and practical point of view. The likely impact of these research topics on solving problems in biological, medical, industrial and environmental fields will be discussed. Over the course of the Honours year students are required to undertake 3 out of the 6 advanced modules offered. 

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM4502

Further details are given in the Honours section of this site.

Students intending to seek admission to this program should consult the School regarding selection of subjects in the earlier years and contact the Honours coordinator or Head of the School for consideration in their final year of study. Applications for Honours are handled via the Faculty of Science - https://www.science.unsw.edu.au/honours-apply.

Students in double degree programs such as Science/Education, Science/Commerce or Science/Law who wish to undertake an honours year should consult with the School of Chemistry regarding requirements.

For students in the Nanoscience program:

Nanotechnology honours schedule

For students in the Medicinal Chemistry program:

Medicinal chemistry honours schedule


Indicative timelines for assessment tasks (as applicable):

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