100 Faces of Chemistry

Chemistry opens doors to rewarding careers

Many of our graduates have devoted their careers to research and technology – working on improving society, health, and our environment – while others have found fulfilling careers as teachers, entrepreneurs, patent attorneys, in corporate roles, and in jobs far away from the laboratory. 

Whether their career paths were research-focused or not, most of our alumni found their scientific training to be a valuable asset to their current roles.

In honour of the centenary of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI)  in 2017 – the oldest scientific society in Australia – we are showcasing the varied career paths our past students have taken. Read about their journeys since graduating from UNSW Chemistry, and be inspired by their stories.

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Ronald Quinn – Medicinal Chemist


Natalie Chapman – Managing Director



Dan Segal – Healthcare Consultant



Did you know that these public figures also studied chemistry?:

  • The 266th Pope, Pope Francis graduated as a Chemical Technician
  • German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has a PhD in Physical Chemistry
  • Former British Prime Minister, the late Margret Thatcher studied X-ray Crystalography during her BSc