Probing “active sites” on nanocatalysts via high resolution electron microscopy

With recent emerging challenges and opportunities in energy industry, nanocatalyst is one of the most investigated solutions for bringing an economically viable source of green energy.Due to the boom of nanocatalysts, the characterisation of these innovative materials has become more important than ever. Transmission electron microscopy is a powerful tool for us to understand the active sites on these nanocatalysts in atomic scale. With state-of-the-art electron microscopes provided by Electron Microscopy Unit, UNSW, we are able to obtain lots of structural and chemical information combining HR-TEM, STEM, HAADF, EELS, EDX, tomography and the advanced in-situ techniques. This valuable information will help us fundamentally understand how these catalysts work and empower us to rationally design next generation catalysts. 

Electron microscopy

Figure 1: HAADF images of nanocatasysts and EDX mapping showing spatial information of their structures and compositions.


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