The Team

Current members

DECRA Fellows

Dr Hongxu Lu

Dr Pu Xiao


Postdoctoral Fellows


PhD and Master students

Manuela Callari

Drug delivery of platinum-based drugs
(in collaboration with Prof Paul de Souza and Prof Janice Aldrich-Wright)

Yanyan Jiang

Albumin-based drug delivery systems

Johnny Lim

Novel approaches to deliver gemcitabine to treat pancreatic cancer

Alice Du

Development of nanoparticles for peptide delivery

Teddy Chan

Interaction of nanoparticles with cancer cells
(in collaboration with Dr Megan Lord)

Jiacheng Zhao

Sugar-based drug delivery systems

Yee Yee Khine

Synthesis of zwitterionic polymers

Mingxia Lu (Mia)

Development of a drug delivery system for ruthenium drugs for the tretament of breast cancer

Fan Chen (Charles)

Development of drug delivery systems for therapeutic proteins
Alberto Piloni


 Drug delivery carriers for proteins
Rhiannon Batchelor
 Design of pi-bonding stabilized drug carriers

Joint PhD students

Kilian Wuest

Biomimetic Functional Nanodiamonds

(in collaboration with Prof Barner-Kowollik, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,Germany)

Chin Ken Wong

Investigating the self-assembly of polymeric micelles using FRET technologies

in collaboration with A/Prof Pall Thordarson, School of Chemistry, UNSW
Fumi Ishizuka

Synthesis of hollow nanocapsules

(in collaboration with Prof Per Zetterlund, CAMD)

Haiwang Lai

Surface coated nanodiamonds

(in collaboration with Dr Pu Xiao)

Research assistants

Jeaniffer Eliezar

Janina-Miriam Noy

Sylvia Ganda

Honours students

Joshua Wong

Yu-Kai Wang

Ling-Chia Wang