Our Group

Current PhD students

Emily Cheung

James Christian

Damian Goonetilleke

Junnan Liu

Divya Sehrawat

Honours students for 2017

Lisa Djuandhi

Sunny Wang

Jimmy Wu

Special project students 2016-7

Kathleen Djohari

Lisa Djuandhi

Sunny Wang

Jimmy Wu

Bernd Schulz

Jason Wooi

Honours students for 2015

Damian Goonetilleke

Mackenzie Hagan

Othman Al Bahri

Summer students and Chem 3998 over summer

Cameron Dover (2014/2015)

Justin Tan (2014/2015)

Othman Al Bahri (2014/2015)

Honours Students

James Christian (2014)

Hieu Nguyen (2014)

Saud Al Balushi (2014)

James, Hieu & Saud in action for their 5 minute introductory seminars (8th of May 2014):


4th Year (Honours) Students (ELEC 4120) Electrical Engineering

Ken Zheng (2014)

Ken in action (29th May 2014) - his moving too fast!

Charith Perera (2013/2014)

Charith in action, explaining his poster and constructed gadgets to follow students (30th May 2014)

Well done Charith!

Summer Students

Paige Hawkins (2013/2014)

Mackenzie Hagan (2013/2014)

James Christian (2013/2014)

Visiting PhD Students

Dorsasadat Safanama, National University of Singapore (S2 2013 / S1 2014)

Visiting Practicum Students

Charlotte Serre, ENSIACET, France (S2 2013)

TSP Students

Emily Cheung (S2 2013, S1 2014)

Peter O'Mara (S2 2014)

3rd Year Special Project Students (Chem 3998)

Laura Jeffress (S2 2014)

Emily Cheung (S2 2014)

Damian Goonetilleke (S2 2014)

James Christian (S2 2013)

Partial group photo taken on the School of Chemistry, Research Poster Day 2013.

Left to right: Charlotte Serre, Neeraj Sharma, James Christian, Charith Perera

Moshiul Alam and Neeraj Sharma at the Australian Synchrotron, August 2013.

Visiting Research Students (undertaking experiments/research in our laboratories)

From the Ling group at the University of Sydney

Zakiah Mohamed (2013/2014)

Pierre Naeyaert (2014)

From the Schmid group at the University of Sydney

William Brant (2013/2014)

Thomas Godfrey (2013/2014)

Dennisa Murphy (2013/2014)

From the D'Alessandro group at the University of Sydney

Chanel Leong (2014)