Sharma Group

Welcome to the research pages of the Sharma group.
Here you will find information on past and present group members, links to pertinent software downloads and some recent activity within our group.

Our Research

  • We chemically tune the atomic arrangement (crystal structure) of solid state materials to enhance their physical properties such as energy storage capacity, ionic conductivity or thermal expansion.
  • We use a combination of techniques to characterise our materials, including but not limited to X-ray and neutron diffraction (at the Australian Synchrotron and ANSTO), solid state NMR, electrochemical and impedance analysis, and electron microscopy.
  • Our goal is to fully characterise materials, place them into real-world devices such as batteries and solid oxide fuel cells, and then characterise how they work in these devices.

For further details about my group please see side links.

Past News (Pre-2016)

27th of November 2015

ARC DECRA for 2016-2018 goes to Neeraj!

Othman's Honours project has started this project with flying colours!

PhD opportunities available for Semesters 1 and 2 2016, please enquire directly with Neeraj.

21st of September

A very overdue update!

Well done James again for winning the best PhD student talk award at the Australian X-ray Analytical Association (AXAA) Student Day at UWS. Congrats!

In addition, I am very proud of Mackenzie and Othman for presenting at the AXAA Student Day as I have received emails telling me how good the entire group was. Well done to all!


The Sharma group working with Engineering students to build a satellite!

Yes that is right, with Declan Walsh from the BLUEsat team, we have been testing the batteries that they wish to use on the satellite under construction. 

This is a fantastic project where students are designing and building a satellite they want to send into space, from what I hear a cubesat. For more information see

With Dr. Wei Kong Pang at ANSTO, we have done some really nice tests of these batteries - see below for the cycling data that represents the "charge-discharge" cycling expected during satellite operation or orbit.

9th July 2015

Group dinner at the Australian Synchrotron... Nice cooking folks!

29th June 2015

Electrical engineer extraordinaire - good luck Charith at Tesla and in the US!


20th June 2015

Very proud of my group - check out the awesome video below. The video was ranked 6th in this competition.

30th May 2015

Overdue update -

A big congratulations to Charith Perera who has landed a job at a major electric vehicle (and recently household battery pack company) - hopefully you can guess where!


It is a crystal structure!

1st April 2015

Well done to:

Damian Goonetilleke - recipient of an AINSE Honours Scholarship

James Christian - a postgrad Teaching Fellow

11th February 2015

View Neeraj's new book chaper

A warm welcome to the new students in the Sharma group for 2015

James - PhD

Othman, Mackenzie and Damian - Honours

26th October 2014

Our newest cover - well done James!