Current Group Members

Luke Hunter (group leader)

Luke was born in Sydney in 1979. He graduated from The University of Sydney in 2000 with a Bachelor of Advanced Science (First Class Honours and University Medal). He remained at The University of Sydney for his Ph.D. studies, which were carried out in the School of Chemistry under the joint supervision of Craig Hutton and Malcolm McLeod. After graduating in 2004, Luke took up a series of postdoctoral positions at The University of Melbourne (with Craig Hutton, 2005), The University of St Andrews, UK (with David O'Hagan, 2005-2008) and UNSW (with Margaret Harding, 2008). Luke commenced his independent career in 2009 with the award of a University of Sydney Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, and in 2011 he was appointed to his current position as a Lecturer in Chemistry at UNSW. Also see Luke's profile page.

Xiang-Guo Hu (Postdoc 2012-)
Project: Conformationally-biased cyclic peptides

Aggie Lawer (Honours 2012)
Project: Anti-malarial natural product analogues

Siyao (Eric) Wang (Special Project 2012)
Project: Fluorinated organocatalysts

Zhiyong Wang (M.Sc. 2011-)
Project: Integrin-binding RGD peptides

Jonatan Wangsahardja (Honours 2012)
Project: Fluorinated organic semiconductor materials

Renecia Lowe (Honours 2012)
Project: Flavonol-based GABA receptor ligands

Iqbal Ahmed (Ph.D. 2012-)
Project: GABA-containing cyclic peptides

Raju Cheerlavancha (Ph.D. 2012-)
Project: Synthesis of fluorinated amino acids

Past Group Members

Jonathan Tai (Honours 2011)
Project: Total synthesis of pohlianin C

Marina Cagnes (Honours 2010)
Project: Synthesis of αβγ-trifluoro-δ-amino acid derivatives

Jonathan Chung (Project student 2010)
Project: Total synthesis of unguisin A

Irene Aravadinos-Belerhas (Project student 2010)
Project: Integrin-binding RGD peptides

Hee-Chan Jang (Summer scholar 2009)
Project: Towards αβγ-trifluoro-δ-amino acid derivatives


A/Prof. Mary Collins Chebib (Faculty of Pharmacy, The University of Sydney)
GABA receptor ligands

A/Prof. Neville Firth (School of Biology, The University of Sydney)
Antibacterial activity of unguisin A analogues

Prof. Kiaran Kirk (Research School of Biology, Australian National University)
Anti-malarial activity of pohlianin C analogues

Prof. Graham Johnston (Faculty of Pharmacy, The University of Sydney)
GABA receptor ligands

Prof. Kate Jolliffe (School of Chemistry, The University of Sydney)
Amino acid and cyclic peptide synthesis

Dr Meredith Jordan (School of Chemistry, The University of Sydney)
Molecular modelling

Dr Steve Ludbrook (Screening and Compound Profiling, GSK, England)
Integrin-binding RGD peptides


Group lunch, May 2012. Left to right: Raju Cheerlavancha, Jonatan Wangsahardja,
Stefanie Vaccher (undergraduate project student), Luke Hunter, Zhiyong Wang, Iqbal Ahmed, Renecia Lowe.

Group meeting with Prof. Dale Boger.