News Archive

30th June 2014: 5th International Conference on Nanomedicine starts in Coogee, hosted by The Australian Centre for NanoMedicine and co-chaired by Justin, starts 30th June to 2 July 2014.

19th June 2014: Justin named in the ISI Highly Cited Research list for 2014. 

16th June 2014: Baklul graduates her PhD. Well done Dr Gupta. We are very proud of you!

16th June 2014: Justin gives an invited talk at Matrafured entitled "Making Silicon Water Friendly: An Approach To Producing Stable Oxide Free Silicon for Electrochemical Applications" in Hungary.

15th June 2014: Roya Tavallaie delivers her first ever international conference talk entitled "Electrochemical Detection of Serum Circulating MicroRNA based on Using Methylene Blue Modified Probe DNA:  Extending the Application to the Dispersible Electrodes" at EASEC 2014 in Malmo Sweden.

14th June 2014: Justin gives a keynote lecture entitled "Gold coated magnetic nanoparticles as dispersible electrodes" at ESEAC 2014 in Malmo, Sweden.

9th June 2014: Justin gives a keynote lecture entitled "Designing and Characterising Bioaffinity Surfaces for Biosensing" at Analysdagarna 2014 at Djurönäset in Sweden.

June 2014: Annie Rajadurai completes here honours degree with us.

June 2014: Ying's paper on patterning porous silicon is hte front cover article in Journal of Materials Chemistry B, see  Y. Zhu, A.H. Soeriyadi, S.G. Parker, P.J. Reece, J.J. Gooding, Chemical patterning on preformed porous silicon photonic crystals towards multiplex detection of protease activity at precise positions, J. Mater. Chem. B 2 3582-3588 (2014).

27th May 2014: Justin gives plenary talk entitled " Nanomaterial Based Biosensors for Diagnostics and Personalised Medicine, at the 24th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors in Melbourne.

May 2014: Let's paper in Chemical Society Reviews published, see X.Y. Cheng, S.B. Lowe, P.J. Reece, J.J. Gooding, Colloidal Silicon Quantum Dots: From Preparation to Surface Modification for Bio-applications, Chem. Soc. Rev.43 2680-2700 (2014).

April 2014: Feature article and front over article published in Langmuir on surfaces for cell biology. See  J.J. Gooding, S.G. Parker, Y. Lu, K. Gaus, Molecularly engineered surfaces for cell biology: From passive to active surfaces, Langmuir 30 3290-3300 (2014).

April 2014: Nadim Darwish's paper in Accounts in Chemica research published, see N. Darwish, M.N. Paddon-Row, J.J. Gooding, Surface-Bound Norbornylogous Bridges as Molecular Rulers for Investigating Interfacial Electrochemistry and as Single Molecule Switches, Acc. Chem. Res. 47 385-395 (2014). 

31st March 2014: Lyz Murago, Moinul Choudhury and Lachlan Carter submit their theses. Congratulations to all three of you.

March 2014: New PhD students Vincent Tan (UNSW), Saimon Silva (Brazil), Ranjana Piya Nepal) and Leila Zarei (Iran) join the group.

28th February 2014: Kelly Zong, Manish Sriram and William Pak join the group as honours students.

11th January 2014: Great news. Yesterday Xun Lu and his wife brought beautiful Benjamin into the world.  Mum and baby are doing well. Looks like Xun thinks this is better than superresolution light microscopy (photo on its way). Xun, the whole group extend their congratulations.

17th December 2013: the group is part of a successful Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence on Convergent Bionano Science and Technology proposal led by Professor Tom Davis of Monash University worth $26M over 7 years.

13th December 2013: Justin presents a keynote address at the 12th International Conference on Frontiers of Polymers and Advanced Materials in Auckland, New Zealand and Dr Alex Soeriyadi gives an oral presentation.

27th November: Biosensors Biointerfaces Group has our Christmas function enjoying fine Lebanese food at Lebanon and Beyond followed by ten pin bowling.


25-26th of November: Lachlan Carter wins a poster prize at the 19th Australian/New Zealand Electrochemistry Symposium (19ANZES) in Melbourne for his poster entitled “Nanoparticle-Mediated Electrochemical Gating to Prepare a Novel Sensing Platform”. 10 members of the group went to the conference with Moinul, Devi and Roya all giving excellent oral presentations.

20th November 2013: Justin presents a plenary at 40th International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques in Hobart.

1st November 2013: Justin wins the NSW Science and Engineering Award in the category of Emerging Research. The award was presented at Government House by the NSW Governor, Her Excellency Marie Bashir AC CVO.