School Safety Personnel


Link to: School of Chemistry Safety Personnel

follow the link above for:

  • First Aid Officers
  • Fire and Floor Wardens
  • Research Group Safety Officers
  • School Safety Committee



General Emergency Contact Information



Chief Warden F10 = Toby Jackson, F12 108, Tel x56634 and 0478-303-060

Chief Warden F12 = Steve Yannoulatos, F12 104, Tel x54651

Chief Warden E10 = Paul Prammer, Tel x51875


UNSW Emergency phone number: 02-9385-6666 (x56666)

Please Dial 02-9385-6666 (x56666) instead of 000 for a quicker response during emergencies at UNSW


Emergency management at UNSW (overview) 

Details on emergency management at UNSW (requires z-pass login, domain = ADUNSW\)