Quick Facts about our School

The School of Chemistry is all about:

Our People

  • 23 academic staff
  • 8 technical staff
  • 6 general staff
  • 3 stores staff

Our Students / Honours / Fellows

  • 1500+ undergraduate students per year
  • 40+ honours students
  • 90+ postgraduate students enrolled
  • 20+ postdoctoral fellows

Our Programs

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Science in Nanotechnology

Our Research

  • solid, cutting-edge, collaborative, local, global, applicable, a magnet for funding and awards

Our Research Papers

  • 140+ published every year

Our Facilities

  • 6 teaching labs
  • 14 research labs
  • 1 store

The School of Chemistry is now housed across 2 buildings:

  • the Dalton Building, F12 on the campus map, houses the academic and general staff offices, the undergraduate computer lab, seminar room, Students of Chemistry Society room, and the RACI NSW Branch office
  • the Chemical Sciences Building, F10 on the campus map, houses the teaching and research labs, as well as technical and emeritus staff offices

We regularly welcome high school students, visiting professors and fellows, industry experts, alumni, keynote speakers and friends of chemistry through our doors. We invite you to drop in.