Second Year Undergraduate Courses

Our Second Year courses build on the fundamentals covered in First Year. The courses are generally structured around the four pillars of chemistry: Physical, Analytical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

Depending on your program, you may have some flexibility in which Chemistry courses you choose. Have a look through each course listed below, and check with your program requirements to decide with is the most suitable course for you. Please visit the UNSW3+ pages for information on which courses run in each term and their prerequisites.

See below for links to course details and the course coordinator for each course.

CHEM2011 - Physical Chemistry: Molecules, Energy and Change

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM2011
Course coordinator: Prof. Tim Schmidt & Dr Kim Lapere
[course outline]

CHEM2041 - Analytical Chemistry: Essential Methods

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM2041
Course coordinator: Prof. Palli Thordarson
[course outline]

CHEM2921 - Food Chemistry

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM2921
Course coordinator: Dr Gavin Edwards
[course outline]

CHEM2021 - Organic Chemistry: Mechanisms and Biomolecules

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM2021
Course coordinator: Dr Vinh Nguyen
[course outline]

CHEM2031  - Inorganic Chemistry: The Elements

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM2031
Course coordinator: Dr Jon Beves
[course outline]

CHEM2999 - Special Project in Chemistry

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM2999
Course Coordinator: Dr Laura McKemmish and Dr Neeraj Sharma
For details, see Undergraduate Research Opportunities.

CHEM3901 - Environmental Toxicology

UNSW Online Handbook entry: CHEM3901
Course coordinator: Dr Shannan Maisey
[course outline]

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