Prof. Pall Thordarson to present Professorial Inaugural Lecture Series

Posted 24 July 2018

Chemical Complexity and Life

Chemistry has two great powers. It helps us to explain the world around and it allows us to make things. My work is driven by the desire to understand and learn from nature how chemicals interact with each other and then go on to form complex systems with function. This knowledge then allows us synthesise new materials to support cell growth and treat diseases. Ultimately it should also answer one of the greatest questions in science – How does chemistry become biology? This seemingly straightforward question holds the key to understanding what life is and what was the origin of life.  

Time: 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm, 25th July

Location: The Chancellery, Council Chambers, Gate 9 UNSW (Building C22)

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Note: This lecture follows Professor Gabriel Lodewijks Lecture: Back to the Future