Over $1.7 million in ARC funding announced for UNSW Chemistry

Posted 10 November 2017

UNSW Chemistry will receive over $1.79 million in total for Discovery Early Career Awards (DECRA); and to help prevent microbial infections; and control chemical reactions with new designer solvents, in funding outcomes announced by the Australian Research Council (ARC) on 10 November 2017.

The three DECRA to begin in 2018 will go to Dr Xianjue Chen and Dr Yiling Zhong for independent projects to develop advanced materials for nanotechology, and to Atmospheric Chemist, Dr Christopher Medcraft.

Professor Naresh Kumar will lead a Discovery Project grant to generate new scaffolds that will minimise microbial infections and drug resistance. Coinvestigators of this grant are Professor David Black of UNSW Chemistry, and Professor Mark Wilcox of UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science.

Associate Professor Jason Harper has been awarded a Discovery Project grant, with Professor William Price of University of Western Sydney, to design solvents to control the outcomes of chemical reactions based on new and rare ionic liquids.

Dr Luke Hunter is a coinvestigator on another Discover Project led by Professor Rachel Codd of University of Sydney. This funding is for the discovery of new natural product analogues for therapeutic use.

Four Linkage, Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grants supported by UNSW Chemistry were funded. The combined total funding of over $2.1 million will see some new equipment for our school. The LIEF grants:

The funding outcomes for ARC Discovery Project Grants, DECRA, Discovery Indigenous Grants, LIEF grants, and Linkage Grants, totally $333.5 million, were announced today by the Minister for Education and Training, Simon Birmingham. This year, New South Wales had the most approved projects overall, with UNSW leading nationally with $32.74 million in funding.

Full reports of funding outcomes are available at the ARC’s website