Analytical Group Awards for Outstanding Student Presentations

Posted 23 November 2017

At the Honours & Masters-by-Research Student Presentation Evening, organised by the RACI NSW Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Group, Eric Foley won first prize, while Peter Lee won third prize for their research presentations.

Students from NSW universities presented the research projects that they had been working on since the beginning of 2017, and the winners were selected by a panel of judges from industry and academia.

Honours student, Eric’s talk was entitled: Solution Additives for Probing the Mechanism of Supercharging Proteins in Electrospray Ionisation and Improving Peptide Identification By Mass Spectrometry.

Masters student, Peter’s talk was entitled: Capturing Reactive High-Valent Iron(Iv)-Oxo Intermediates of Catalytic Cycles Using Theta-Capillary Nanoelectrospray Ionisation Mass Spectrometry.

Both winners are students from Alex Donald’s research group.

ThermoFisher Scienctific sponsored the student prizes and the annual event, which was held this year at the Western Sydney University.

[Photos: Rakesh Sharma, NSW Territory Manager for ThermoFisher Scientific, presents awards to Eric Foley (above) and Peter Lee (below)]


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