Global collaborations for cities of the future

Posted 8 May 2017

Third year PhD student, Manish Sriram, has been selected as one of four postgraduate students from UNSW to attend the Global Fellows Programme in Germany on “Cities of the Future”.

This is a new initiative of Global Alliance of Technological Universities to help students from all disciplines develop the professional, research and collaborative skills needed to develop solutions for the challenges facing cities of the future.

As part of the Global Tech network, UNSW was invited to nominate doctoral students to attend the workshop along with students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Imperial College London, and other Global Alliance of Technological Universities for the workshop held in Burghausen, Germany during the European summer (from 17–21 July).

During this summer school, the students will meet with the Mayor of Burghausen and city planners to pitch their ideas for improving the management of issues, including infrastructure and healthcare, of expanding urban populations.

“I am interested in participating in the program because it seems like a great opportunity to both develop my professional skills, and also because it has the potential for real-life impact,” says Manish, a third-year PhD candidate working with Professor Justin Gooding on the development of digital biosensors to improve disease detection.